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Steerforth Press

When four partners launched Steerforth Press in 1993, its first catalog featured "Manifesto for a New Press" which declared "Our interests fall into no category, no field, no niche; our tests of a book's worth are whether it has been written well, is intended to engage the full attention of the reader, and has something new or important to say." Though Steerforth publishes primarily new works of narrative nonfiction and quality fiction, through the years we have produced a range of titles on a variety of topics, from memoirs and cookbooks to travel writing and rediscoveries. The books we have published demonstrate that a small independent house, publishing with sophistication and energy, can have an outsized impact on our culture and society.

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It is night-time in the forest. A campfire is crackling, and the storytelling has begun. In the warm, cheerful radiance of the campfire, the storyteller’s audience is captivated.
Inspired by this enduring relationship between a campfire and gripping storytelling, we bring you four series of Campfire Graphic Novels:

Our Classics adapt timeless literature from some of the greatest writers ever.

Our Mythology series features epics, myths, and legends from around the world – tales that transport readers to lands of mystery and magic.

Our Biography/Heroes titles bring to life remarkable and inspiring figures from history.

Our Originals line showcases exciting new characters and stories from some of today’s most talented graphic novelists and illustrators.

We hope you will gather round our campfire and discover the fascinating stories and characters inside our books.

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Archipelago Books is a not-for-profit press devoted to publishing excellent translations of classic and contemporary world literature. In our first nine years, we have brought out over eighty-five books from more than twenty-five languages.

Artistic exchange between cultures is a crucial aspect of global understanding. It has never been more important for voices from around the world to be heard in this country—our place in the world depends upon it. Sadly, less than three percent of new literature published the United States originates outside the Anglosphere. By publishing diverse and innovative literary translations we are doing what we can to change this lamentable circumstance and to broaden the American literary landscape.

We are always striving to find groundbreaking literary voices that simply would not be heard in the States without Archipelago. While our efforts, especially those of our remarkable translators and authors, have been recognized by numerous literary awards, our books often explore largely unknown and forgotten locales—the Spanish Basque Country, the Chukchi lands of Siberia, the scrublands of South Africa, war-torn Lebanon— and allow our readers to see these places through the eyes of the people who live there.

We are devoted to the highest quality of design and to printing our books on the finest materials available. Archipelago books are unmistakable, you will enjoy holding them in your hands.

Archipelago is working in partnership with like-minded organizations here and abroad, hosting events and readings for our authors and translators. We are deeply grateful for the generous support of foundations, international cultural organizations, and the vital contributions of individual donors. The community around Archipelago is growing, thanks to the enthusiasm of booksellers, educators, librarians, our remarkable translators, and our devoted readers. Without you, we would not be able to continue to publish these important books. We thank you all.

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Pushkin Press

Pushkin Press was founded in 1997, and publishes novels, essays, memoirs, children’s books—everything from timeless classics to the urgent and contemporary.

Our books represent exciting, high-quality writing from around the world: we publish some of the twentieth century’s most widely acclaimed, brilliant authors such as Stefan Zweig, Marcel Aymé, Antal Szerb, Paul Morand and Yasushi Inoue, as well as compelling and award-winning contemporary writers, including Andrés Neuman, Edith Pearlman and Ryu Murakami.

Pushkin Press publishes the world’s best stories, to be read and read again.

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